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Thank me later. Here's a business idea for an enterprising, hard-working genius: A production company that fully funds a crowdfunding campaign. Follow me here... We need to raise A LOT of money. I mean, millions over the next relatively short term. To this end, I've been consistently looking into the best practices for crowdfunding; Kickstarter, Republic, Indiegogo, Wefunder, SeedInvest, OurCrowd etc., and the largest 'issue' is that it takes A LOT of money ... to raise a lot of money. According to some nice folks at some of the companies above that I've chatted with, there's a 4X+ multiple for money spent -> raised. So, if one wants to raise $200K, get the idea. But, for a business that's trying to raise mo-nay, to raise mo-nay to raise then more mo-nay is a tough call and effort. Me: Hey, Mrs. Seed, can you please lend me $100K so that I can spend it to raise then ~$400K? Mrs. Seed: want to borrow money from me, totally earmarked towards that end so that you can then raise money? Me: Yes. Mrs. Seed: So, let me follow. You need money to operate your business so that it can grow successfully, right? Me: Yes, exactly! Mrs. Seed: So you want to borrow money, NOT to operate the business per-se, but to then raise more money. Me: Right. Spot on. --- End Scene. The issue is obvious. Someone needs to run a production company that runs crowdfunding campaigns and take their fee/% on the back end. Get on that, yo. You're welcome. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #startup #smallbusiness #crowdfunding


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