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Industry Spirits will always be a family, and we take a stand for our family and our industry.  Industry Spirits, a brand in and of itself created by being part of our bar family for over a decade, and representing in our hearts all that our industry represents: Honor, integrity, diversity, hard work, trust and genuinely building towards a future as leaders, ready work cooperatively to create a safe place built on mutual trust and beneficial outcomes for all.

For years the big brands have owned our wells. It’s long-since time that a group of bartenders who care about and who are committed to our community by giving back to our community created a new wells option, one that provides real, useful, long-term assistance  to our community in the form of education, leadership, and direct assistance as needed. 


  • A portion of every sale will go into an account to be used in the community where the bottle was poured.  That money will be used to further that community and help with career advancement, education, health or direct assistance as the community sees fit.

Industry Spirits is a quality brand that bars and restaurants can be proud to use in their well. A brand that, unlike the big corporate brands, genuinely cares about our community. 

Started in Seattle, WA, Industry Spirits has partnered with RNDC, and will be adding markets nationwide as fast as we can.

We look forward to working with you for years to come.


When it all began 

At the time, it seemed like a great idea to open a bar - and, that bar was Liberty, located at the top of Capitol Hill in Seattle.  Thanks to some great co-workers over the years (many of whom went on to work at many of America's best bars; Pegu Club, Canon, D&C, Multnomah Whiskey Library, Anvil, etc.), we were able to do some amazing things. 


One of what was amazing and which we excelled in was education.  Our small bar had arguably more education events than anyone else in Seattle, and we took great pride in that.  We probably broke more brands in our market (if not nationally) than most bars in America, and that urge to both learn and to also help out good people both in our community and nationally/internationally drove us year to year.


The transition

After 12 years owning Liberty, it was time for the staff to have their turn, and they took it over and have been going great since.


The birth of
our brand

The best thing about our industry - is our industry.  My favorite thing about our industry is that no matter where we go in the world, we have family.  We share our greatest victories, and are there for each-other for the times when we're in need.  And, it's this connection that helped create Industry Spirits.  Watching our co-workers and friends grow in the industry, from bar-backs to national ambassadors, bar owners, educators and leaders means that we are watching our friends grow -a nd it's the industry that allows that.  It's our connection to each other, our selfless urge to share, to give a leg-up to those that deserve our help.  


And that's where Industry Spirits comes in. 

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