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Industry Spirits launched history's first-ever
NFT of a retail liquor product.

Industry Spirits

is gin nft wells_250
is vodka nft wells_250

Launched on the platform and marketplace on the Tezos blockchain, look for the first-ever limited edition NFTs which will consist of unique collectible artwork created by Seattle photographer Brian Wells.  Each NFT will be paired with the unlockable content of a 1L bottle of Industry Spirits' American-made gin or vodka, featuring a label of the image by Brian Wells. Only five NFTs for each vodka and gin limited edition bottles will be minted and made for each spirit for this historical first-ever drop

What is an NFT?

Our NFTs (short for Non-fungible tokens) will be minted on the Tezos blockchain which gives the buyers exclusive rights to their edition artwork. As with all NFTs the purchases will be recorded, secure and unhackable and will allow the buyers full undisputed ownership. 

Why is this making history?

Never before has any brand of liquor (much less a consumer packaged good (CPG), as far as we know) released an NFT of their retail brand as unlockable content as an element of the NFT.  Today, such an effort is an "Huh?  What?  Why?" moment, but in the future, there will be an uneventful cooperative effort between artists and CPGs through NFTs. 

Industry Spirits has done it first.

Why did we release an NFT?

A core aspect of Industry Spirit's purpose is to give back to our industry.  We are committed to working within our hospitality family to lift up each of us as able.  For instance, the first artist that we are working with, Brian Wells is a professional photographer - but also a barista and café owner.  His art as our first NFT is our leading by example on how we can work together to uplift each other, and an NFT is a great way to do so.  We intend to continue to release NFTs and enlist hospitality workers and their art to create future series of NFTs, with future plans of combining pre-batch cocktails made by bartenders, matched with artists to release very specialty NFTs.


How to buy our NFTs?

Our NFTs will be released on the marketplace as of December 10th under the user-name "industryspiritsnft", using the Tezos crypto-currency.


How to arrange for shipment of my NFT purchase?

Each buyer will receive a message with a link to a page where they can let us know where their bottle should be shipped to.

Will there be any cost for shipping?

No, all shipping costs are included with the purchase of the NFT. 

"This T'Shirt Cures Cancer" fundraising NFT

Along with our NFT with Brian Wells' photos, we will be also releasing an NFT of the "Party Animal" shirt designed by famed toy designer, Greg Prout, in support of our friend, bartender, husband, father and bar owner Chris Patino who is fighting like a champ with pancreatic cancer.  Each NFT will have as unlockable content a t'shirt of the buyer's choice, which features Bosley the cat who is also fighting cancer.  We will be linking to this NFT also.

Check out our NFT now

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